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Drawing on years of experience commissioning a range of biomass boilers from manufactures including:

M Baxter biomass is well qualified to advise on a broad range of system issues associated with a wide variety of biomass boilers. Relatively small changes in the fuel can lead to a requirement for re-commissioning, essentially all that is required is a check of the key combustion control parameters, yet charges for re-commissioning visits from the UK's leading suppliers can be excessive.

Extensive experience with Herz boilers of all sizes allow us to offer an independent expert source of advise and solutions to end users. Many of the common problems with biomass can be traced to a poorly designed system which is not correctly integrated the boiler with other plant, or to something even simpler such as the under sizing of the boiler shunt pump. We can service, re-commission and problem solve for all types of boiler listed above. Contact M Baxter Biomass for an in-expensive and in-depth analysis of your biomass system.

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