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Lambda (oxygen) sensors

4 wire Lambda (Oxygen) sensor

The lambda sensor is the key sensor controlling the combustion process by measuring the remaining oxygen percentage in the flue gasses.

This sensor can be used as a direct replacement for Bosch LSM 11 sensors, as well as other 4 wire oxygen sensors (2x white wires, 1 x black, 1 x grey). The sensor comes with 20cm cable and a 4 pin female plug attached, this can be cut of and the wires joined to existing cabling. Alternatively, purchase the 2.5m cable with matching 4 pin male plug to run back to the control panel.

These sensors have been designed for use in biomass boilers and as a result are more resilient than many OEM sensors, which in many cases have been designed for use in cars. It is recommended to replace your oxygen sensor at least every 3 years or yearly if running at high load through the whole year to maintain optimal running of your plant.

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